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5 things to consider before booking a Vedic astrology consultation

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Managing your own expectations properly creates an entirely different experience and higher level of fulfillment.

1. The principle of re-incarnation.

Vedic astrology, Jyotish, as well as all Vedic philosophy is based on the principle of immortality of the soul which keeps on re-incarnating and coming back to this earth in different bodies, different times, yet carrying the consciousness from one life-time to another. The chart of the present life time is a reflection of karmas, accumulated up until this birth and the patterns that have been developed so far. Every soul carries within itself deeply ingrained imprints in the consciousness and experiences of this lifetime simply reflect them.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains re-incarnation in a very simple way.

“Death is almost like a sleep. What happens to you when you sleep? If you happen to understand your sleep you will understand your death also. While sleeping your whole consciousness/attention/your mind, shrinks and shrinks and then one by one you are shut off from the outer experiences and move inward. Into a void, a space. And then how you wake up in the morning, the same energy, the same consciousness, which was shrunk, now starts expanding, which opens up and you wake up. And if you carefully observe the mechanism, the last thought that you get just before falling asleep, becomes the first thought when you wake up. This gives you a clue of your reincarnation. The mind, which is full of different impressions, leaves this body but the impressions remain with the mind like a balloon and waits for a proper situation for the same mind to come down. And then a child is born. A body is gained.”

If this theory does not resonate with you, you might still get the benefit of your chart reading, however if you are familiar with it, you will be able to grasp the core message of your chart and will be able to see it as well as your life as a continuation or a work in progress. This fact alone helps you realize that Universe is giving you endless chances for self improvement and deeper realization, that nothing is completely lost or gained and that entire life is just a play and display of consciousness.

2. Importance of the Birth time accuracy.

Planets move in the sky all the time and the earth is rotating around its own axis. Every moment planetary combination changes, and in some cases a few minutes difference in birth time makes a completely different chart. It is important to understand the source of your birth time. Usually just a memory of your mother or a family member without any written record will not give you precise details and entire chart analysis might be affected. Jyotish is a profound science and has many divisional charts derived from the main one, where timing is even more fine-tuned. If you are not sure about your timing, make sure you inform the astrologer and indicate the range of possibilities. If possible, go to the hospital and request a written proof of your birth time. It’s the time when your soul decided to enter this planet and it’s your privilege to get as accurate as possible about it. It is totally worth it. If these are not possible, you might need to do a chart rectification with the professional Vedic astrologer.

3. Seek true guidance.

Vedic Astrology has layer upon layer and your life is divine piece of art, it is your mandala with multiple intricate details, shades and colors. It is not something you can decipher totally in one or three hours. Every minute unfolds another secret and presents multiple opportunities for you to act and react in a way you want to shape your life. In many cases we are quite unaware of what is happening and we simply respond to events blindly triggered by an impulse. However, sometimes it takes just a little spark of inner light to recognize it and start shifting. Therefore it is wiser not to be focused on knowing future events and test the accuracy of their prediction. A good vedic astrologer is definitely able to tell you major shifts in your life and their potential outcomes, however the true benefit is to receive deep insights on what karmic patterns, attachments and desires are part of your consciousness so that you would be able to resolve them. The more aware you are the more power you have to shape your life not as per your chart, but as per your will. Put your intention prior to the appointment to connect with the divine light and get the true guidance.

4. Take it slow

Astrology is never a quick fix tool and self-discovery is a life-time project. It takes time to reflect on things you get to know about yourself, admit it to yourself, and see how they manifest in your life. Don’t expect miracles after your first appointment, but if you integrate the knowledge properly in your life it will work like a homeopathic remedy, slowly releasing the blocks and opening the channels. You took life times to create your patterns, it might take some time to erase them too.

5. Be open

Vedic astrology might present to you some concepts that might not be very familiar to you or might look like a superstition. Know that behind every concept there is a deep mythological story, full of potency, and receive it with open heart. In our play of life the action and the outcome are sometimes not directly linked so don’t always look for logical explanations. We are not able to remember majority of our actions, good or bad, yet until we balance them out karma will have the grip on us. Trust the knowledge and the lineage of sages that carried it to these days. Be grateful to receive it.

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