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The Vedic Eye



Vedic Astrology, translated from Sanskrit word Jyotisha, means “the science of light”, and refers to the lights outside as stars, planets and luminaries as well as light within. It is one of the oldest sciences of mankind and in ancient times has reached heights beyond comprehension of a modern man. Even though the science of Jyotisha seems mystical, the foundations are based on logical principles operating in the nature and cosmos. Vedic Astrology has survived thousand of years in India's Vedic traditions, and has passed the test of time.
Jyotisha refers to “the eye of the Vedas”, and aims to develop our inner vision, which would take us towards the path of truth and help us to re-connect with the most powerful light of all – the light of the Ātma, which is loosely translated from Sanskrit to English as soul or spirit. 


The word “Veda” is derived from the Sanskrit root “Vid” which means “to know.” Vedas are universal knowledge, and have been revealed to the Great Seers through their intense concentration and directed meditation. Vedic knowledge has not been invented or composed by ordinary humans, they are impersonal and authorless revelations.

Universal knowledge

The source of the Vedas is Universal Consciousness, and therefore, it is called Divine. Vedas have existed way before they have been written down and date back more than 5000 BC. This universal knowledge about the laws of existence was revealed for the benefit of humanity. Jyotisha, as part of Vedic knowledge systems, therefore, empowers us to tap into those laws of nature and see beyond our limited perception, which is bound by time and space.

Birth Chart

The time of birth is not accidental. It is full of potent messages. Based on the exact location, date, and time of birth, the blueprint is created in the sky, which is unique for each and every one of us. The natal chart helps us to decode the celestial language. It shows a multi-dimensional view of human life, covering gross as well as very subtle and sub-conscious aspects of it, and therefore offers powerful tools for self awareness, inner growth and long-term healing. 


A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.


Meet Santa

Diving into the secrets of life and after life has been my life-long quest, in which Jyotisha proved to be the most elaborate source of answers, where complexity and uniqueness of life is embraced and vastness of cosmos is celebrated.


Vedic Astrology first won my mind with its profound structure and sense of logic, where everything above and below ends up aligning in a perfect harmony. But through that logic it led me to the space of the heart, where stories are told, where deities reside, where rituals are honored, mantras recited, and faith is kept alive.


Though I recognize that a lifetime is not enough to fully master the depths of this ancient knowledge system, I am grateful and blessed beyond measure to study Jyotisha secrets in the Vedic Tradition of Śrī Achyutānanda Dasa. Learning from a tradition enabled me to experience these teachings in the most undiluted form, far away from commonly known fortune telling, superstition, and commercialism. 


Blending ancient teachings with modern day realities, bridging West and East philosophies, and elevating others to their highest potential is what makes my heart tick. I am delighted to share my learnings and insights with fellow seekers who are at the beginning of their own voyage of self-discovery and empowerment through Vedic Astrology. 


We, humans are travellers on this earth, Jyotisha is the guide. Let's use it. 

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