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Your Personal Vedic Book

At the exact moment of your birth Universe created a blueprint in the sky. For you. It is your birth right to know it, to understand it, to use it. 

This personalized Vedic Book should help you to decode that blueprint, to inspire your further journey into self-discovery, to spark curiosity about vedic philosophy, to reveal some secrets that planets wanted to tell you in the time and space when you entered this beautiful planet.

This book is a completely personalized, yet educational vedic reading with clear explanations of each planet, placement, their meaning and significance in your chart. 

In it you will discover:

  • What is your ascendant and why it is so important;

  • What are the 12 areas of life represented by 12 houses in astrology;

  • What do planets stand for and what their placement mean in your chart;

  • What is Rahu and Ketu and why do they play a powerful karmic role in our lives?

  • What is the planet representing your soul purpose and what lessons it will try to teach you?

  • How timing of events is calculated in Vedic system and which planetary period you are living now?

  • Additional insights based on your personal chart, such as planet conjunctions, aspects, planetary combinations, etc.

Why is it different from other Vedic Astrology reading?

Usually Astrology readings will tell you a lot of insights about yourself, but will leave you knowing nothing about the subject itself and how the conclusions were derived. This Vedic Book is an educational, yet personal manual, therefore it will:

  • Explain the meaning of each planet so that you could contemplate and  find out how they play out in your life.

  • Remind you that you are a mini solar system in itself with all planetary energies stored in your consciousness. 

  • Allow you to get basics of Vedic Astrology through your own chart analysis.

  • Help you become your Best Guide.  


​After reading this personal vedic Book every other Vedic Astrology consultation will give you deeper insights.

It’s a life-time gift for yourself (your loved one, your child), a personal manual with basics of Vedic Astrology, which you can re-read again, contemplate on and observe the patterns.

Understanding your Vedic Birth Chart is an art and it is a slow process, it opens up like a lotus; slowly petal by petal each planet reveals itself. Take your time...It is totally worth it...

My sincere wish and hope is that it will bring you closer to your inner Sun, inner Light, inner Truth and let you witness life through your own Vedic eye…

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