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Why Sun and Moon are the great primal duality?

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The Sun and the Moon among the planets are called luminaries, which have a royal presence in the planetary hierarchy. In Vedic Astrology planets are listed in the order of the days they rule. Sun rules Sunday, Moon rules Monday. The number of Sun is one, which is unity, the prime number from which all others proceed. It is the origin, the foundation, the source. The Moon is two, which is duality, balance and relationships.

The Sun is the ruler of the Universe, it provides gravitational pull that holds planets and stars together. According to the solar religion of the Vedas, the Sun is the Atman, the Self of the entire Universe. It symbolizes cosmic intelligence, pure consciousness and enlightened mind. All the planets shine with the reflected light of the Sun; they represent different solar rays. There is only one real light, which is the Sun, which is all lights. The human being is meant to manifest the Divine light on Earth, to bring the light of truth into the material realm. The Sun dwells in our hearts as our inner Sun, inner light. It is our local manifestation of the cosmic or universal light. The Sun is a doorway to all the domains and powers of light. The Moon is a reflection of Sun. It is an agent of Sun and does not work independently. So the Sun is the King and the Moon is the Queen.

As the Sun represents the cosmic masculine force, the Moon represents the cosmic feminine force. The Sun is the God, and the Moon is the goddess. The Sun is the spirit and the moon is its creative force, the Sun is Shiva and the Moon is Shakti. Together they represent the great primal duality as masculine and feminine, active and passive, mind and body, day and night, will and love. As the Sun is divine father, the Moon is Divine Mother; the Sun rules fire, the Moon rules water.

In terms of family relationships, the Sun represents father. It is the role of the father to shape our sense of self, to provide us with direction and self-worth in life. It also represents kings, presidents, spiritual authorities. The Moon represents the Mother. It also indicates our home or where we feel at home. It shows happiness and the state of emotions. As Mothers care and nurture their children, it forms first mental impressions. Therefore the Moon represents emotional and instinctive side of mind, influences, memories and impressions of the past.

On a lower level the Sun represents ego. It shows our impulses towards power, prestige, fame, honor, respect, authority and control. It shows where we shine, how we shine and what we shine. On a higher level, the Sun as our soul shows our aspirations, and our search for light and truth. The Sun is who we really are, and in the birth chart it focuses on the problem of identity, the search for the true self, the great inquiry “Who am I?” As the Sun represents character and individuality, the Moon indicates our personality.

While the Sun projects the Seed, the Moon gives the birth. The Sun gives life to the whole Universe, but the Moon gives life to Earth. The Moon governs water and has a life giving power. She sustains our fluidity of body and mind, she nurtures and encourages growth. She allows us to flow. As such, she is the creative flow of life.

The Sun and the Moon are the only planets which we can witness every day and every night with our naked eye, reminding us of their cycles and movements and continuous play in the heavens and in our minds. Balancing solar and lunar energies in our consciousness is the basis of yogic practice, which helps us center and still our minds and open our perception to higher dimensions.

Start observing the feminine and masculine forces within your own psyche and you will start sensing when your inner sun and your inner moon starts dominating...

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